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Reading #17

Oh Wow. That’s what I kept thinking. I am supposed to absorb all of this I know, but i’m having a hard time. These chapters are important to know because if your going to be working for a small design studio its best to know whats really going on behind the scenes. This helps you to ask good questions and know what your getting into. its also helpful if you plan to run your own studio someday. I feel like every designer at some point will probably do freelance, but run my own studio? I don’t know. I don’t think i would want to. But I guess who knows. I know from my internship class how important networking is to find clients. And we have learned a little bit about how difficult it can be to keep track of time spent, log and keep track of everything, and to file taxes.

This being said the main parts of this reading that interested me were in chapter six. Specifically finding and keeping clients and building a reputation. The advice about designers websites, keep it fresh, keep it simple, keep your personality visible, was very good advice. Some of it is hard to absorb right now as I’m thinking about a student portfolio site, and they are a bit different. My projects are mostly ALL self or class directed. Very few real clients. But I can show it it use via mock ups ect. I will definitely keep that in mind.

All in all it was really great information and advice and I’m sure I will reach for this book again further on down my career path. I’m glad to have it on my shelf for reference. So many times in my school career I have bough a book for a class and we never even read it. This time I’m happy to say I not only read it, but loved it and will keep it around!

Man oh Man we are closing in!

Landon and I worked literally ALL DAY on the website. We have made alot of headway. As I was entering data in I was thinking MAN this is alot of work, and MAN is this fun! This is my project?! To look up cool nostalgia and catalog and blog about it? How AWESOME is this? I have really gotten into it and I KNOW I will continue on with it. The site may not end up being absolutely perfect and all done by the due date, but the promotion design is finished and not its all about trial and error. We Have been entering in things and finding out what does and doesn’t work. What is user friendly, and not so much. What we have control over, and what we don’t. We are hoping to have the site ready for beta testing by Thursday. It is up and running, but the search function is being re-hashed and you cannot upload unless you make a user account. We are trying to connect that with Facebook.

We really dont think the site is pretty enough yet. Its kinda bare bones. Once everything runs correctly we are going to style things a little more.

I made a promotional gif:


Oh my gosh folks SO much was accomplished in the last two days thanks to my teammate Landon. We got our website frame in place and several functions of it working. I even bought a domain name for the year! GO ME!!! retrocortex.com!!!! We are using word press to design the site and it has been a bit tricky to get it to do all we had envisioned. We figured out how to do a good search page and are in the process of executing it. The upload feature which is the MAIN POINT is still a little frustrating. Wordpress has its limits. I’m not entirely sure it will be able to be fully functioning at the due date however the rest of the site will work and I will keep uploading to it like crazy to make sure its full of lots of fun things before the general public can begin uploading. What I do know is that my goals for Thursday are

-Beautiful promotion poster & Postcards (done!)

-Beautiful logo (done!— unless anyone has any crit??)

-Structure for a site that is fun to look through (done, just need more and more content!)

-GIF on site blog—that is ready to share to facebook when uploading goes live (was done, then lost it all, so making again!)

-Blog full of my drawings and insight to other cool retro places on the net ( drawings are done, just need to start posting! )

- Mock up some deliverables (slap bracelets and T-shirts!)

YAY! Things are right on track!!!

What did I do this weekend?

Well I fussed and fussed over typography for the logo for Retro Cortex. At the jury critique I was told my type looked dated, specifically 90’s. And the Box was vetoed. And the brain was vetoed. So basically I needed to scrap it all and start again. So I did. The only thing I kept was one word atop the other. I liked it being a complete unit with both words having the same importance. It also needs to be someone simple. Interesting, but not too detailed. It will be used along side drawings so it cannot be too distracting. It was suggested I try a serif with a sans serif. I am limited a little by fonts I have, but this is what I came up with. I would LOVE suggestions on what works and doesn’t!

More work. Trying to come up with a logo that I like that will work with the drawings. I have been working on this project since I woke up and now its 11pm. Time to consider maybe thinking about hitting the hay.

This is where i’m at today. Still needs work.

This is where i’m at today. Still needs work.

Reading 16, and an earth shattering realization.

I watched Milton Glazer in class along with everyone else. I thought wow, but I didnt really come to any kind of acknowledgement to what he was saying. It sat with me all day, and through the night. I woke up this morning and took a shower and all of the sudden BAM. *glass shattering sound*

I am TERRIFIED to fail.

I have a portfolio of work that I like, but do not passionately LOVE. Something is really missing. There is a piece of myself that is just not in there.

On a recent interview I was asked “tell us about yourself”. How can I put myself into a few sentences? Why doesnt my work show ME more?

I have a portfolio of design work, and a portfolio of photography work, which to be completely honest, is my main passion. But why are they not more …. together? Why are they so seperate for me?

I think I know.

I’m afraid to fail at it. What If I put it together and its horrible? And there is that voice in my head that tells me im just not good enough at either. Im afraid to say “im a photographer out loud, to anyone in my design classes, because then what if they look and think, no your not. If you were a photographer you would be a photography major at PNCA or something.

I don’t WANT to be a photography major. I feel like its in my blood. I want to discover it on my own. My parents were professional photographers, and I learned about F stops and shutter speed when I was pretty little. As far as composing a photograph, well I learned that formally in my first high school photography class, and the rest was just … I don’t know something I knew. I think all of us artists just know, or learn through trial and error. There is only so much about rule of thirds and leading lines you can be told. The rest is rule breaking and risk taking and composing a scene that is just how you see the world.

I have been serious about taking photographs since my first photography class in 1997. I quickly fell in love with the darkroom and spent more hours in that dark closet in my high school art building than a vampire does. Once I had hand rolled my film, snapped my photographs and devloped them, I just LOVED playing around on the enlarger.

When I had discovered digital photography in 2004, and then photoshop, I spent hours on my computer creating creative “actions” and texture overlays. Soon I felt like I saw everything through a viewfinder. I secretly wished I could become some sort of cyborg with cameras for eyes so I could snap some kind of shutter in my brain. I wanted my camera with me always.

When I found myself in the design program it just felt like everything was vectors and lines. I couldnt see how my type of photography fit in, and honestly I just was afraid to try.

I made a few efforts at blending the two. My most sucessful attempt was this:

I also recently talked to someone about where my photoshop skills could fit in to a design career. I was told I would fit in well as an image editor touching up photos by other photographers and working special effect magic on products ect. Is that really what I want to do?

I think my dream job would be coming up with photo shoot ideas or basically choreographing a set up in order to communicate a design idea. It would involve researching to come up with the idea, finding all the props and orchestrating the photoshoot, photography and then editing the photos. Including the process of art directing how it would look on the actual design piece .

It feels good to actually articulate what I want to do.

The problem is, I have NO IDEA how to get there. And as a graduating senior… my portfolio shows NONE of that. Maybe I figured it all out too late.

I think I need to come up with my own project where I do this. Why couldnt I have figured this out BEFORE I began this thesis project? Could I incorporate it now? I think its too late. Maybe I should have photographed retro items myself instead of drawing them. You see, drawing them is SAFE for me. Photographing them risks possible failure.

I need to think about this………

Ok im going to go scream into a pillow now.


I credit Len for this genius name :)

Basically I wanted to refrence the part of the brain that holds all the memories, and also refrence that we all have that part, that we are all the same, and are all connected to each other through similar and shared memories of pop culture from our childhood.

The Retro Cortex.


I owe ya buddy.